Economic oxygen ernichement
and waste water aeration

The cleaning capacity of sewage plants depends on the availability of oxygen and the circulation of the ponds. For this purpose LINN has manufactured the waste water aeration system TURBO-JET for more than 20 years.

This apparatus is a perfect option for initial equipment, enlargement or conversion of sewage plants. TURBO-JET is used in aerated ponds, aeration basins, storage basins and slurry basins. Of course it can be used for the cleaning of communal as well as industrial sewages.

The used materials are proved to be successful in the use of sewage water. They stand out due to their high efficiency and reliable quality at low cost of purchase compared to other options in the European market. Our machines work absolutely reliably – the same applies to winter activity. If requested we will be pleased to name references.

The oxygen enrichment depends on the geometry of the pond. If requested we could submit an expert opinion about the oxygen enrichment. If you send us the figures and specifications of your plant, we will be pleased to make an offer.


Abwasserbelüftungssystem Turbo-Jet

  • swimming or stationary aeration system
  • aeration and circulation
  • for Orginal Equipment Manufacturers
  • for increasing capacity
  • for complementing existing purification plants
  • bio reactors in purification plants
  • rain-storage reservoirs
  • different sizes from 0.55 up to 4.0 kW

Additional Information:

Datasheet Turbo-Jet

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T JetAbwasser


Waste water aerator Aqua-Handy

* works after the same principle like our system Turbo-Jet

* mounted in many systems more for notable manufacturers

* often used in car washes  

* stationary or floating version possible

* two sizes available: 0.35 or 0.45 kW


Additional Information:

Datasheet Aqua-Handy

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