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LINN Gerätebau has been involved in equipping fish farms throughout Europe for 40 years. Based on the experience of our own trout farm, which has been run by the Linn family since 1929, we have repeatedly developed equipment for everyday use, which has become established on the market and then often becomes part of the necessary technical standard in fish farms.

We are the market leader in Europe in the field of water aeration and oxygen-enrichment of fish farms and aquaculture. The main focus here is on floating water aerators, which bring the oxygen, which is essential for the fish, into the water. More than 10 different types of devices with different ejection patterns and motor power are manufactured in our company - often individually according to customer requirements.

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Do you already know our new online shop?

Our extensive product range is now available to you around the clock. In addition to the well-known range of products, you will also find a large number of spare parts for your equipment, as well as many accessories for the professional aquaculture.

This shop is a practical addition to our proven services. We would like to offer you a modern solution for ordering urgently needed equipment or spare parts around the clock and on all weekdays.Our well-known good service quality is of course still at your disposal!

The existing information is continuously being expanded in order to be able to present you all important details online.

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Solarinsel 10 Watt
Solar Island 10 Watt

Small 10 watt solar module for operating 12V feeders

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Latest aerator development: extremely economical motor - speed-controllable direct drive

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Solar island

new solar module - generates electricity for your water aerators!

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Fish transport tank - square

now available in different shapes and sizes

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Vario Wheel

solar-compatible - extremely economical motor - speed-controllable direct drive - matching solar island available

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Ceramic oxygen diffuser

New ceramic diffusers - effective oxygen input, low maintenance!

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Wasserbelüfter Aqua-Hobby

Aqua-Hobby is used thousands of times. This type of unit offers effective aeration at a super price-performance ratio.

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Aqua-Control One Überwachungs- und Steuerungssystem für eine Messstelle/einen Teich

Monitoring and control system for a measuring point/pond

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Sauerstoff-Eintragssystem Loxy

The latest generation of oxygen supply systems - made by LINN! Proven thousands of times in fish farms all over Europe!

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Profi-Automatic Feeder 5kg

The LINN automatic feeder for brood rearing, but also for use with ornamental fish, in the hobby area and in the koi pond! The original, at an unbeatable price!

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Galvanised peg

Practical bracing material for fixing all water aerators

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Harvesting nets - rectangular

indispensable in every pond system - professional landing net!

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Cleaning pistol

Accessories for cleaning and disinfecting

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proven Söll/Oase pond care products against algae and sludge

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From the experience of our own trout farm - which has been managed by the Linn family since 1929 - the ideas for our devices are developed, which are then further developed until they are ready for series production. Many devices enjoy patent or utility model protection.

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The ultimate management software for complete fish farms.
All data of your farm clearly arranged in one software - developed from practical experience.

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