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Pumps in Fish-Farms and Aquaculture

Fish-farms can use water pumps all over the farm. Pond complexes also need pumps, to circulate water. To pump ponds out, top them up or return water to filters, low pressure pumps with large diameter outlets are ideal.

These portable pumps (pipe pump L3) work in low-pressure applications, where they offer unrivalled efficiency of low energy consumption. Great volumes of water can be pumped quickly, and with low energy costs up to a maximum 250 cm pressure head. Pipe Pumps can guarantee circulation in ponds and raceways. For external, non-submersible applications, a stationary Pipe Pump is the best option. Here, it is plumbed direct into the pipeline.

Waste or dirty water is best pumped with a submersible pump, with either layflat or spiral-reinforced hose. These pumps de - liver water under pressure, and lower diameter hose (eg 50 or 75mm) can be used. Even mud can be pumped out of the pond, trouble-free, with the robust and portable Mud Pump.

To ensure that the pond is completely clean, residual mud can be broken down with a water jet, and the mud then pumped out of the pond with the Mud Pump. Although Mud pumps have a lower pumping capacity than waste water Pumps, they have a specially-designed pump chamber, which results in clog-free operation.

Detailed specifications can be found on the following pages. The Linn company can offer a specialised pump, for all applications, giving great performance with low energy consumption.

Of course, we can supply other pump types, such as high-pressure pumps for jet-washing, or borehole pumps. Let us know what you need, and we will make you an offer.