fish in the wateraeration fish in the wateraeration


LINN Gerätebau manufactures a very extensive range of floating water aerators!
Due to the large number of different device types - each still available in different motor power ratings - an optimal adjustment to the water body and to your pond system can be made.

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oxygen enrichment for vivid fish in the water oxygen enrichment for vivid fish in the water

Oxygen enrichment

LINN Gerätebau is one of the pioneers for the use of technical oxygen in fish farms! Our OXYPLUS introduction system has been offering effective possibilities for 20 years and our latest development LOXY offers oxygen enrichment of the latest generation! You too can test the possibilities!

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al lot of fresh water al lot of fresh water


LINN Gerätebau has been manufacturing tube pumps for the effective transport of large quantities of water in fish farms for many years. But even if this type of pump is not suitable for your application, we can help. We can design and offer the optimum pump for every application - just contact us.

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Fische in einem Kescher Netz Fische in einem Kescher Netz

Fish transport

LINN Gerätebau manufactures various transport container systems from 30 to 1,400 litres capacity with all the necessary accessories for gentle transport of your fish!

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Abwasserbelüftung in einem Teich Abwasserbelüftung in einem Teich

Waste water aeration

LINN Gerätebau manufactures stationary and floating wastewater aerators from 0.35 to 4.0 kW for oxygen enrichment in wastewater. The devices take over the mixing of the wastewater and the necessary oxygen input.

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Fisch wird gefüttert Fisch wird gefüttert

Fish feeding

Continuous and even feeding is important for the growth of the fish. These are important factors for water quality and feed quotient. The feed conversion of the increasingly high-quality feed is a decisive factor for the growth of the fish and thus for the success of the farm.

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Die Teiche von LINN aus der Luft Die Teiche von LINN aus der Luft

Monitor & control

LINN AQUA-CONTROL - the life insurance for your fish! To protect yourself from unpleasant surprises and to increase safety, it makes sense to install a system for monitoring and alarming. Safety is provided by the constant monitoring of the oxygen content by means of electronic probes directly in the pond.

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Fische in einem Kescher Netz Fische in einem Kescher Netz


We also supply useful equipment such as water disinfectants, landing nets, drain strainers, cleaning guns ... and much more! From practice - for practice!

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