optimum foodsupply
for your fish

Every fish farmer's primary objective is to rear the fish as quickly and healthily as possible. For optimum growth, it is vital that the fish are fed continuously and regularly. These factors are important in determining water quality and feed conversion rates.

Amateur fish farmers often have the problem of being unable to go to their ponds daily. However, it is important that the fish are fed daily. This can be done easily, and reliably, with pendulum feeders, or feeders with vibrator motors.

On more complex fish farms, a more sophisticated and extensive feeding system is required. The commercial success of the farm is very dependent on the food utilisation and the ability to increase feeding in line with growth. Fish – like people – should receive smaller portions several times a day. In the case of “manual feeding” on large fish farms this means a high labour costs. If 4 to 5 feeds per day are carried out, it is usual to have one worker who's sole duty is to feed the fish.

This results in a high labour cost, and there is no time for other work. Under these circumstances, feed sprayers become cost-effective, and offer economic advantage. Feed sprayers feed the fish automatically, according to the farmer's preferences. This leaves time for other work.

The Linn Company produces a wide range of automatic systems to apply and spread the feed in ponds and tanks. The following pages give full details.

Profi Feeder

  • newly developed pendulum principle
  • flexible glassfibre pendulum
  • the fish serve themselve
  • suitable for pellets of 2-9mm
  • available in 6 different sizes from 10 up to 70 kg

Additional Information:

Datasheet Profi-Feeder

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Profi-Automatic Feeder 5 kg

  • alternative to clockwork feeders - unbeatable price!
  • suitable for fry feed up tp 9mm pellets
  • with comfortable LINN feeding timer
  • user-friendliy and reliable
  • including stainless steel bracket
  • available in 12 V and 230 V

Additional Information:

Datasheet Profi-Automatic Feeder 5 kg

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Profi Automatic Feeder

  • suitable for fry feed up to 7mm pellets
  • precise, accurate and easy adjustment
  • with comfortable LINN - feeding timer
  • user-friendliy and reliable
  • two types and 6 diffent silo sizes
  • available in 12V and 230V

Additional Information:

Datasheet Pro-Feeder Automatic

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Profi Automatic with blower

  • guarantees a good feed distribution
  • easy adjustment via the feeding clock
  • equipment with powerful fan motor (500W)
  • spread the food out up to 5 meters
  • available in four sizes from 10 up to 70 kg
  • suitable for pellets from 2 to 7mm

Additional Information:

Datasheet Profi Feeder Automatik with blower

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Profi Feed Sprayer

  • lspread the feed into the pond up to 8m 
  • pwerful fan motor (1000W - 230V)
  • equipped witth feeding timer 
  • no clogging, low maintenance
  • suitable for pellets from 2 up to 7mm
  • plug and play delivery
  • available in 5 sizes: 50 - 60 - 70 - 120 - 200 kg

Additional Information:

Datasheet Profi Feed Sprayer

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Profi Feed Sprayer with weighing capability

  • feeder equipped with weighing cell
  • feeds exactly the required weight of feed per day 
  • blows out the feed up to 8 m into th pond 
  • complete mounted - plug and play
  • with control directly to the silo
  • available in two sizes: 120 + 200 kg

Additional Information:

Datasheet Profi Feed Sprayer with weighing capability

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Swivel Arm

  • made from stainless steel
  • adjustable
  • rotation lock

More information:

Datasheet Swivel Arm

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