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Healthy ponds need oxygen!

The oxygen in the supply water is only rarely sufficient for the fish population. This is especially true of ponds with little natural exchange of water. Here, aeration of the water is essential for the well-being of the fish.

Pollution of the water by phosphates, nitrogen and dead plant material leads to over-enrichment of the water and excessive biological activity, known as eutrophication.

Like animals, green plants and algae use oxygen all of the time. However, during daylight, they produce more oxygen than they consume, through photosynthesis. After dark, they no longer produce oxygen, and compete with other organisms. This can cause oxygen depletion in the pond, and can kill any fish present.

These problems can be overcome and the environment can be optimised for the fish, by using LINN floating aerators.

Not only do all LINN aerators enrich the water with oxygen from the air, they also mix and circulate the water, and expel noxious gases such as carbon dioxide. They de-acidify pond water, without the use of chemicals, and create a rich and healthy environment for plants and animals. They also combat algae, and re duce organic sediments. Their various fountain and water movements enhance the appearance of ponds and lakes.

We distinguish between two types of water aerators:

Surface aerators

These aerators eject the water above the water surface, and offer the most effective form of water aeration, resulting in the best oxygen input for the energy (power) consumed.

Injector aerators

Injector aerators create a strong, directional flow, and work underwater, virtually silently. However, these aerators are not as effective as the surface injectors.